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Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs provide personality, color, and a finishing touch to any room. Accent rugs, like attached carpet, require frequent cleaning and care due to routine use and wear.

When it comes to cleaning your area rug, however, it demands more attention and detail than cleaning standard attached carpet. When it’s time to clean your area rug, contact Eagle Dryer Vent Cleaning. Our carefully experienced rug cleaning specialists will not only clean, but also restore your oriental rug to its original shine and color.

Eagle Dryer Vent Cleaning can clean and repair any rug, whether it is wool, silk, synthetic, pile, or shag.

The bright colors and various fibers used to produce area rugs are just a few of the reasons why not all carpet cleaners offer rug cleaning services. Simply put, they lack the essential knowledge and equipment to complete the job. Eagle Dryer Vent Cleaning can clean any type of accent rug. We clean silk carpets, wool rugs, synthetic rugs, pile rugs, and shag rugs.

We can treat and clean various rugs in your home using our patented color fastening technology and hot water extraction devices.

We will pick up your rug and clean and treat it at our facilities for a deeper, more extensive clean, especially for rugs made of more fragile fabrics such as silk rugs or thick plush wool. Your clean, restored, and vivid area rug will be returned to you in pristine condition!

Area rugs can also be treated for pet odor, pet stains, and deodorized to remove musty aromas and lingering odors.

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